The difference betweenTakemusu Aiki and other stils of Aikido is the emphasis on Taijutsu (body techniques) and Aikido weapon techniques with Ken (sword) and Jo (stick). There are several reasons why these weapon techniques are not generally exercised.
There were only a few people, who were allowed to exercise weapons with the
founder Morihei Ueshiba. That`s why the number of teachers, who know these techniques, is limited. Saito acquired the absolute mastery of weapons during long years of training with the founder in iwama and in the following time with his constant efforts to refine the techniques. These techniques of Saito became the standard for Aikido weapon training all around the world.
The exercise of Aiki-ken and Aiki-jo leads to a better understanding of distance, position and centre. it is a help to teh development of good posture and bolsters
arms and shoulders, which is helpful to perform body techniques. The weapon training is a essential and inalienable part of Saito`s course of instruction and supplements perfectly with the body techniques.


Elements of Takemusu Aiki
tai jutsu = techniques without weapons
aiki jo = techniques with a wooden stick, Katas in single and partner exercises
aiki ken = techniques with the bokken (japanese wooden sword), Katas in
single and partner exercises
ken tai jo = Katas in partner exercises with Bokken and Jo
jo dori = unarm of the Jo
jo nage = throw offender with the Jo
tachi dori = unarm of the Bokken
awaze = techniques and Katas performed in motion
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