The martial art Aikido


Aikido is a modern Budo martial art, developed by the japanese Budo-master Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), called O-Sensei. Aikido has a sheer defensive character and does not contain any agressive, towards the offender oriented elements.

This reflects the philosophical and ethnical principles of the martial art Aikido. The defence is not pointed towards the offender`s person. So the attack itself is the centre of attention and not the offender. Is the Aikidoka confronted with a physical situation of conflict, he ideally acts just as much as necessary to neutralise the attack. He`s also anxious not to hurt the offender. The techniques of Aikido depend on taking advantage of the offending power and deflecting it to the offender with joint locks and throws. The reason for this is to show the offender the absurdity of his efforts. For a perfect realization it is necessary to train constantly. Because of the named reasons the athletically aspects of Aikido are not that important. Nevertheless with constant training sessions the body and mind get trained and braced. The Aikidoka has no pressure to achieve, that`s why it is everyone`s own desicion how fast and how far he wants to develop.
Every Aikidoka is able to tailor the training to his individual possibilities. That`s why everyone can make his proceedings in his own pace without beeing under pressure to succeed. An important emphasis in Aikido is put on spiritual growth with the acquirement of skills, which offer an efficient self-defence.
The effect of the techniques in Aikido is learned in the training sessions with the current training partner. This causes amongst others a purposive movements coordination and also a physical invigoration. At the biginning of the Aikido-training specific gymnastics, fall breaking and learning particular movements should be priority for unexperienced Aikidokas.


The difference between Aikido as a martial art and other fighting sports like Judo or Taekwondo is already in the concept: art and sport: Fighting sports are liable to a character of competition, which contains to compete with others. That`s where awareness of rivalry is purposeful effected. Desicions for winning or losing are made from others, e.g. referees. There are no competitions in the martial art Aikido. In a situation of conflict the skill of the Aikidoka decides for a positive solution of the situation. That means the Aikidoka himself decides for winning or losing, without disposing an aggressive action towards the offender.



Aikido can be performed in every age. A coninous and serious training does not only improve the technical abilities. It also develops a deeper understanding of the nature of the man.
In Aikido it is possible, depanding on status and affection of the Aikidoka, to train loose and soft or to perform the techniques in a very fighting way. This would be in the tradition of O-Sensei. he performed the movements in a very exact way, but still without agressive intentions. With Aikido-techniques it is possible to serious hurt the offender and so do physical damage to him. Those destructive intentions are categorical excluded in Aikido.

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