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Thanks for the support

We want to thank all friends of Aikido-Swabia who helped to design our website by abandoning objects to us.

Copy- and marking-right

The copyright for published selfmade objects belongs to the operators of the website of Aikido-Swabia only. A duplication or use of those graphics, sound-documents, video-sequences and articles in electronic or printed publishments is not allowed without an explicit agreement of the operators.
If there are any copyright infringements caused by our publishments, we want to apologize, this didn`t happen deliberately. Before you consider legal measures, please contact us. Only after your approach it is possible to conduct changes. Also we can only assume liability after that. All published objects are the property of their owner, although they are not denoted as those. We are anxious to respect the copyrights of all used graphics, sound-documents, video-sequences and articles in all of our publishments. Just because of the simple entry, it is not for sure, that brand marks are not protected by the rights of third parties.

Privacy protection

If there is the possibility to insert personal or commercial data (mail, name, address) on this website, this is -as long as technical portable and reasonable- also possible without inscription of those data or by using anonymized data or rather a pseudonym.

Content of the own sites

We compiled the sites of the website of Aikido-Swabia very carefully. Nevertheless we don`t take any guarantee or accountability for the offered information to be up-to-date, complete or accurate. We don`t develop an offering in a lawful sense, our contents have an informative function only. To any time we reserve ourselfs the right of changing contets and design.


The judgment of May 12 in 1998 by the provincial court in Hamburg indicates, that one, as the case may be, has to take responsibility for contents of linked websites on the own one. This can be prohibited only, if one dissociates oneself explicitly from these contents. On our website we have linked several other websites in the web. For all of these links holds: Expressly declaring, we don`t have any influence on the design or the data content of these websites. That`s why we dissociate ourselfs hereby explicitly from all contents of all linked websites detectable on our one and we don`t adopt the contents as our`s own. This statement holds for all links shown on our website and all contents of websites connected with ours through banners, buttons and links. Copyrights: The published data in place are copyrighted matrial. We don`t assume liability for mistakes in articles or not-working links. Ulterior duplication, mirroring or display in different frames is forbidden without our approval in writing.

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